Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Random Musings.

It has been a while since I last wrote in this very vacant space. As such, and due to my morning of working from home, it is necessary for me to write something...anything. So, here are a few brief thoughts about a number of things that are in the fore of my consciousness these days:

1. Illegal Immigration and Crime. Recently, there have been a number of heinous and gruesome murders reportedly perpetrated by persons who are here illegally. Furthermore, the 'authorities' knew that these individuals were here illegally...because they had already committed crimes. That's illegally...committed crimes....not deported...not imprisoned...set free to further act as a pariah on civilized society. One case is out of New Jersey...apparently, a bunch of gang-affiliated illegals shot three black youths execution style. The victims were aspiring college students. Another case involved the rape and murder of a 15 year old girl from Texas. She was visiting her sister in Oregon. The guys that did her in had been convicted of drunk driving multiple times. Go here and here for details. Hey...politicians...this issue isn't going anywhere....and most conservatives and liberals agree don't know...enforce the law and protect the citizenry.

2. College Football. There are few things in life that I enjoy more than the college football season. For me, it is a time of hope, camaraderie, disappointment, expectation, and ideally...victory. Hmmm...the smell of fall in the air... leaves crunching under foot...the biased ramblings of Lee all gets me giddy. My much maligned Georgia Bulldogs aren't expected to do much in the way of winning any championships, as we have many new and young faces starting for the team. Yet, I have a feeling that this year could special. I don't know why.....but I do. Regardless, it should be fun. Let the prognosticating end....and the Saturday ritual that is college football begin. Go Dawgs.

3. War in Iraq. Is it just me, or does it seem ridiculous that the Senate Majority Leader, Harry Reid, declared the war lost back in March...and now Carl Levin, of all people, is applauding the 'surge'? Note to Liberals....Defeatism isn't productive, proper, patriotic, or popular. You see, the Democrats have put themselves in a unique position...politically, with regards to the war...if the U.S. does well...they lose! Let me say that again...Democrats can only gain politically...if the U.S. surrenders and leaves Iraq. Amazing.

4. Music. My musical listening habits, of late, have been a mixed bag. I've really really enjoyed Dinah Washington's Lady Sings the Blues. Her voice is lathered in heartache, longing, and reflection. Also, Paganini has been in the rotation quite a bit. But the most played cd in my rotation right now is 2Pac's All Eyes On Me. I listened to this all through University...and busted it out for the first time last week. Here one can find the kind of paternal advice that one takes with him/her forever..."keep yo head up, legs closed, eyes open..." Picture me rollin, fools...

5. Michael Vick. I, for one, am going to miss watching Vick play. He gave me something...and all of the life-long, and long-suffering, Falcons fans something that will be forever remembered...relevance. The thing for me regarding his whole situation is stupid is he? I's one thing to be too stupid to learn more than 25% of a play-book(pretty stupid)...but to think that RICO laws regarding gambling and inter-state commerce don't apply to you because you throw...I mean run...a football? And another thing...where were his attourneys and CPAs to say..."uh, know you can't do that...right?"? And where were those old black guys that Dave Chappelle talked know the ones that could be paralegals...according to Chappelle...because they'll jump out from behind a tree and say, " Oh, don't do that -----...that'll get you 5 to 10!"? The whole thing is sad, really. Vick's people let him down...He let us down...and quite frankly, the kind of culture that glorifies this type of stuff has failed an entire generation...and we're just beginning to see the ramifications.

6. Chinese Exports. Isn't it interesting that almost daily we are told that another Chinese export is tainted? I have two things to say about this: 1. I could have told anyone this after having lived there...and 2. This is the beginning of a smear campaign that is a passive way to get the Chinese to release the yuan to world market forces. It should be fun to watch...

7. Presidential Politics. I really don't have much to say about it...except what I say to anyone who thinks they know what is going to is August of 2007, folks. The election, in political terms, is forever and a day away. I will also say this though....John Edwards might be the most ridiculous human being on the planet. This guy lives in a 26,000 sq./ft. house, made money by investing in sub-prime mortgage lenders that foreclosed on Katrina victims, and gets paid $55,000 to speak at universities about poverty....and is running as the anti-poverty/populist candidate. Anyone that would vote for a guy like that is either....A. Incredibly naive and unaware, or B. Very, very stupid....I mean the kind of stupid that thinks Dennis Green is a good football coach...that kind of stupid.

8. Finally, Friendship. I've been reflective lately about the idea of a 'true friendship' and all that it entails. Let me say that I am so very blessed to have as many close friends as I do, and in many cases, the kind of friends that can be counted on invariably. To those who read this, if you are counted as a friend(you know who you are), I would just like to say thank you...and that I hope that my friendship to you is something that can be counted on. Be well, everyone. Cheers.

* the move has gone well, and the job is working out nicely, i think. this said, i'm not completely settled and it will be a while before i am. regular postings will be erratic until then.