Friday, January 30, 2009

The road less traveled...

A few thoughts on recent goings-on...both personal and otherwise:

1. Life's little surprises. Well....I've happened upon another little fork in the road...having just resigned my position with a financial institution. The thing this stage of my life...any decision I make regarding work is a career that has long-lasting implications. Aside from the economic downturn that has folks..shall we say...hesitant to hire...frankly, I'm not sure what to do. I enjoy what I've been doing these last few years...and this particular path would be fairly lucrative, were I to continue. Still, I have this thing in me that wants to strike out it abandon reserve and travel. In fact, I've already sent multiple resumes to international schools in Europe, South America, and Asia. So...we'll see. While it can be is always an adventure.

2. The anti-stimulus stimulus. Regardless of one's political difficult is it to rationally discern that to call something an "emergency stimulus package", the funds would need to be dispersed fairly soon? Meaning, what are funds allocations doing in an "emergency bill" if they aren't used until 2011. I truly believe Pelosi to be the worst Speaker in a good long while.

3. A supporting list. The other day, Dr. Zeius and I were speaking...and the conversation turned to " best supporting actors of the last 25 years". The first name that came up....Bill Paxton. Think about it....Aliens, Weird Science, Tombstone, Apollo 13, True Lies, etc...this guy was in many many good movies...and his characters were all memorable. is a list very quick and thoughtless list of my nominees( in no order):

Bill Paxton
Bruno Kirby
Marissa Tomei
Kevin Bacon
Ed Harris

4. Finally...a bit of music. This is one of my favorite songs...from one of my favorite albums...from one of my favorite bands in the 90's. I don't listen them much...but when I do...nostalgia sweeps me up. Ladies and gentlemen...Mazzy Star.