Sunday, March 29, 2009

Our Agenda Usurped


It is easy to be outraged at the recent usurpations by the federal government. It is frightening when one considers the possible future--the country has definitely changed. A hand up from the community--in which the Church was the primary agent--has become the indiscriminate Robin Hood state we have encountered in Europe and can now observe burgeoning in DC. While i will not argue that we should not give Caesar his due. Caesar has, over the past century usurped the Christian agenda. Perhaps at a later time I will expand on this concept since it goes further than a simple usurpation of agenda. Even so, I cannot help but believe that the Christian world is a little culpable for this development.

When Christians ceased to be the principle source for relief from poverty and disasters in the world, whether from a lack of ability or a dearth of empathy (understand that I am not trying to posit blame), the door was opened for those seeking political leverage to snatch the agenda from the Christian community. It is difficult for me to consider the recent turn of events in Washington or the past century's government expansionist follies apart from the impoverished classes' support for their "relief" programs. I WOULD DEFINITELY LIKE TO READ YOUR IDEAS CONCERNING THIS.

Sirach 7:32-36 along with many other references in scripture strongly urged us to be the agents for poverty and disaster relief in our communities. If not us then who? Well we know the answer.

I would now like to turn this over for comments and debate.


Friday, March 6, 2009

Things old and new...

1. Wedded Bliss. First things of our own wed his beautiful bride last Saturday...congrats, Dr. Zeius. The service was simple, classy, and appropriate. This...however...cannot be said of the three days of dionysian revelry that preceded this most important of days. If I see another bottle of Crown Royal in the next 6 will be too soon. Also... it is just over a year since the stars aligned...causing the self-proclaimed "Bloggers Convention 2008" to occur in Savannah, Ga....for those who were would be satisfied to know...that we had a Hall n Oats redux...ha!
2. On That Midnight Train To....Tennessee? you can read below, I've been in a transition period, with regards to job, location, direction, etc...and I've now resolution, of sorts. I've accepted a position at a financial institution in Tennessee, and will be moving next week. Actually, my office is located in the same town as my under-grad Alma mater. Now...I am very excited about the job, as it is a considerable promotion...and am excited about being near so many folks that I care about. Still, I make this move with a trace amount of trepidation. Why? I'm not possibly has to do with the feeling of working so hard to get out of a place...only to return. This said, I am blessed, and embrace the opportunity with a full and thankful heart.
3. Hope and Change. There are words I want/could/should type about President Obama's performance and attempt to move our nation towards a centralized and neutralized economy and politic...and will at some point. Right now...though...I just don't have it in me.'s there....but I'm frustrated...that I'm not ready. I will say this though...both Rahm Emanuel and Hillary Clinton have been quoted recently as saying, " Never waste a good crisis.". Clinton said it most recently with regards to climate change. Think about that...these people know that families are struggling...losing jobs...losing homes...losing life savings...and their avowed and open response to this is "how can we use their suffering to advance our national-socialist agenda...". As I wrote...there will be more rants in the near future....but for now...I want to go on record as saying...this will not work. The mere premise...much less action...of redistributive economic policy is anathema to the American spirit. We will rise up, if tread upon...and we won't just flood the we have careers and families...but we are the producers...the business owners...the innovators...the do-ers...we make it happen...and we expect liberty while we do it...nay, we demand it. After all...isn't it written somewhere that it is an inalienable right endowed by our creator...not some "community organizer" who has dreams of a forced and coerced utopian equanimity. Which leads me to...
4. "Atlas, Can I Join You?". In light of the stench emanating from D.C. these days, I find it required of me to visit Ayn Rand's Atlas Shrugged, as it deals with some of the issues referenced above. Feel free to join me...I'll have a post soon on my related thoughts.
5. Music To My Ears. I've been visiting with my dad and grandparents all week...kind of taking things in before the move. My days have been largely spent reading and listening to music. One of the folks that I've spent an inordinate amount of time with is Mendelssohn. He is quickly becoming one of my favorite composers. His is an under-appreciated and undervalued compared to the "bigs"...Mozart, Bach, Haydn, etc..
And, finally...I am very excited about an artist that I've recently discovered. Her voice is the right mix of sensual simplicity and crisp earnestness....and her story is very compelling. She went to Europe to study French, German, and Italian for a Master's degree in Comparative Lit...and was discovered for her voice. Gentlemen, if you are so inclined....get a good bottle of wine, slide your arms around the waist of beautiful woman, and enjoy the gift of Stacey Kent.