Friday, April 18, 2008

Questions I'm asking...

1. Obama v. McGovern - It looks as though, barring some incredible turn of events, Barack Obama will win the Democratic Nomination. Anyone who reads political literature that’s even remotely objective now knows that he is, by his record as a legislator, one of the most liberal elected officials in our federal government, and that, because of this as well as the manner in which he has captured his party, he has drawn comparisons to George McGovern whom we know was perhaps most instrumental in the Democrats leftward sprint in the late 60’s and 70’s. I’ve had a number of conversations with fellow onlookers many of whom are confident that Obama’s fate in the general election will resemble McGovern’s in that he is just too far left for moderate America to accept….My question…Do you gentlemen agree with this?...Or do you believe that it’s only taken the general electorate this long to move just left of center enough to accept an Obama/McGovern type?

2. YFZ Ranch – Ever since the state of Texas raided that ranch I’ve had an uneasy feeling about the whole thing. First, I know there were allegations of abuse and sexual misconduct with minors made, and if they are true, which at least some surely are due solely to their marital practices, then the perpetrators should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. However, something just doesn’t sit right with me in how this whole thing has been executed. As I watched the footage of the raid, I couldn’t help but picture a not-too-distant future in which secular society imposes upon any religion that is outside or challenges the norm. Rest assured, I’m not equating my practicing my Christian faith with one of these alleged instances where teenage girls were forced to marry middle-age men, but I’ve watched the law enforcement proceed as ineptly and questionably as possible with few actually questioning them because the ones in subject are “weird”. It’s almost as if one can see secular society positioning itself to come under the type of leadership that would bring persecution to any who refuse to adhere to, say, a certain economic identification system, especially if for religious reasons. Any thoughts on this?...To those who may read and think I’m a doomsday-ist, I would ask…Do you think it more likely that this world will, over-time, view those who would separate themselves from it less and less favorably?...Do you think that, over-time, your faith will require you do so with increasing regularity and intensity?...For me and my understanding of Scripture, my answers are…yes…and yes.

3. Jimmy Carter – Is Jimmy Carter the dumbest man to have ever served as President or does he really harbor some sort of evil intent within him?...I really don’t know anymore.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Paint me incredulous...

Tim Robbins is as famous for his outspoken political he is for his body of celluloid work. Let me say definitively...there aren't many around in film today that I respect, admire, and look forward to seeing in a movie more than Mr. Robbins...and there aren't many around that I respect, admire, and look forward to hearing from less than Mr. Robbins, when it comes to or international. In the very appropriate words of one Bugs Bunny..."what a maroon!". This said, he recently gave a speech before the National Association of Broadcasters... and I have to say....kudos Mr. Robbins. Now, my guess is that his idea of "a perfect union" is much different than mine. Still, the general sentiment of his words should soak in, as it were. I just hope they were listening.

Thursday, April 10, 2008

The Masters 2008!

My favorite time of the year is upon us...and no...I don't mean the American Idol Finale. Alas, it is time for the greatest sports event of the year...The Masters tournament. I wrote last year about the special nature of the thing...with a brief description of the, I'm not going to repeat myself. Except to say...this year we are looking for a little rain...possibly a good deal of rain...during the tourney, and this could change the entire character and outcome. Here is a brief list/summary of those who should contend for the green jacket:

1. Tiger Woods. I could write an entire post on his chances here...but let's just say that, if Tiger doesn't win...that might be as big a story as who actually does win. That is how dominant he has been. Remember...if he is is over.

2. Geoff Ogilvy. This guy has really played well of late, and could very well win. Don't be surprised if he is there on Sunday afternoon.

3. Zach Johnson. The defending champion continues to be a crowd favorite...and win a few things. It is doubtful, statistically and historically, that he would win....but....

4. Phil Mickelson. 2 green jackets in 4 years prove that he can win here. Still...Tiger is all in his is his melt down a few years ago at Shinnecock Hills. He's got the game....and the mental deamons to boot. If he plays within himself, he has a shot(ha.)

5. The Usual Suspects. Goosen, Els, Singh, Harrington, Olazabal, Furyk....all these guys are in on a leader board somewhere in the world...on any given week. They have the game to win...but do they have the game to beat Augusta...and Tiger.

The Europeans and Australians. Rose, Poulter, Scott, has been said of all of these folks that "it is only a matter of time". Meaning, they can win....and should have a breakout win sooner than later. Of these guys..I would give the nod to Poulter and Scott as the possible Sunday players(ha, again).

7. Sentimental favorite: Fred Couples. Perennial fan favorite...with a non-chalant swing and attitude...and very bad back...Boom Boom played well last week....does the '92 champ have enough left? Man...wouldn't that be something...

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Thoughts and conjecture....

1. Champions League. My adopted team, Liverpool, beat the disdained Arsenal the final leg of the round of 16...and will face the hated Chelsea on April 22 in the semis. This was somewhat of a surprise, but not a shock, as the reds have played well of late...and Arsenal hasn't. Still, a very good win...and we play another day. Please....for all that is right in the universe....please...please beat Chelsea.

2. China, the Olympics, and the world. There are going to be many....many people offering opinion...some more informed than others...about the upcoming Olympic Games. If I may say, as one who has spent significant time there, we..."the world"...have no idea what this means to China's idea of pride and "gaining face". Make no mistake...China...and her people...believe that this is their century... and that this is the beginning. Anything, or any nation, that acts in a manner that is seen as an affront to Chinese prestige will be the recipient of residual action. With this in mind, the "free world" has a chance to make a statement....but do we have the courage, will, and strength of character to do so? This is the question.

3. The Stranger. Now....Micah thinks this a reference to something else...but, alas, I'm speaking of Camus' work. After a conversation with the Black Rabbit the other day, I revisited this page-turner...before schedule(note: 2008 reading list on homepage)...and thoroughly enjoyed it. Let me say...while I completely disagree with the academic interpretation and extension often prescribed, I love the witty, frank, and obvious way it is written. If you are looking to read a very good...and brief...fiction, choose this little gem.

4. Iran and centrifuges. So...Iran is, by most reports, only a few months away from developing nuclear capability. I the only one that finds this alarming? I mean in an eschatological sense?'s not like the President of Iran has threatened the destruction of America, Israel, or any other free country....oh...I forgot this. And yeah....Obama wants to "talk" to these folks about regional stability.

5. Music to my ears. Most know the name Edith Piaf...and those who might not ...should. This lady dominated....and I mean dominated... the European music scene in the early 20th century...and then became famous in the U.S. in the 1980's when Hollywood directors realised that she is a great addition to any soundtrack. With the recent Academy award winning film about her life...she is now certainly "available". Folks...she deserves the acclaim, honour, and prestige. I heard her again last night...and wow.

6. Freaking... American Idol. I am going to get so much grief about this.....but yes...I have been watching this season's show(thank you J and E). And...I have to's pretty effing good. Right now my favorite is the dude from Australia....but there are a couple of others that aren't bad. I hate that I just wrote that....

7. Finally...Faith, Friends, and Family. I say far too few words here about how blessed I am...with the friends that I've met along the way...with the brothers that I've been given...and with the unfailing love of my saviour. So...let me say...thank you to my friends...for continuing to choose me as a friend, Thank you to my brothers for loving me...honestly...and permanently. Most of all...thank you Jesus...for the ultimate sacrifice. I fail you often...but my heart...

Thursday, April 3, 2008

"Why Don't We Throw a Little Nazi Party?"

Just recently came across this old video...thought I'd share. I suppose it has little in common with the incumbent Nostalgic Artist of the Week, except perhaps for some of the excessive trappings of the '80s. Not much else to say...I think the video speaks for itself. Mel Brooks' "To Be or Not to Be" from his so-titled 1983 movie. Enjoy.