Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Random Thoughts...

Nothing to say...that really means anything. Here are a few random thoughts tumbling around the ole' bacon-eater:

1. I hate it when the MSM reports on 'consumer confidence' as a news story...primarily, for two reasons: 1. It's never good news....which leads me to this...2. If the MSM constantly reports that consumer confidence is falling....wouldn't consumer confidence...fall further? I mean, what would be the purpose of reporting...oh, yeah...

2. There's a big argument as to whether...'Tiger is that good', or 'does his competition lack that much'. I say...it doesn't matter. In fact, both are true. My guess is that if Tiger at his best(have we even seen it yet) played 'The Golden Bear' at his best....well, who knows...

3. I hate Tennessee. But I kinda like their basketball team.

4. Kosovo. No one wants to talk about it. Why? I have a guess...regardless, it's a big story.

5. Shooting that 'rogue' satellite down might be the coolest thing that has happened in a long, long time. In one fell swoop we proved Missile Defense capabilities...and took Brittany Spears out of the headlines.

6. Good friends with taste are invaluable. Testudineous just sent me some music, and in this veritable treasure trove of auditory pleasure is the voice of Ray LaMontagne. Seriously....a white Otis Redding...and I say that with all deference due Mr. Redding.

7. Diane Lane is still beautiful.

8. I took my oldest nephew to a movie this week. He's only eight...so, I had to find a movie that he could see...and that made me think...something as seemingly innocuous as going to the movies...and children still need to be protected...amazing. What have we come to...? But we had a good time. We saw National Treasure 2. He really didn't get the story...but he loved the adventure and visuals....and I think he dug hanging out with his uncle. That won't last long...

9. Anyone who knows me....and who would listen...knows that I've always said that Hillary Clinton is a weak candidate. She had to go to N.Y. to run for the Senate...because the more people see and hear her, the less they like her(NY became a natural habitat, because they don't like anyone). I completely disagree with Obama on every issue...except for maybe 'energy independence'...and would probably never vote for him...but I like him. Hillary is toast.

10. Here's a quote...let's see who can guess it first...if you are kin, you better get this: "I would like to direct this to the distinguished members of the panel: You lousy cork-soakers. You have violated my farging rights. Dis somanumbatching country was founded so that the liberties of common patriotic citizens like me could not be taken away by a bunch of fargin iceholes... like yourselves."


Anonymous said...

Only of the top-three greatest comedic villains to every grace the screen...The other two of course being Ned Rooney and "Big" Earn McCracken(sp?)...


Anonymous said...

As for your thoughts:

Tiger - Tiger is 'that' good...As for he vs. the bear...I think if you gave the bear modern equipment his course management skills would even them up, but if you took tiger back to the bear's day, one of his early tournament "I don't want to be smart today" rounds would have negated at least a few wins since he would be chasing men like the bear and palmer, not lawn chairs like that guy who's a bit portly that I still can't help but pull for...I think most pertinent question raised here is, have we seen tiger's best yet?....He hit the scene so young, the 24/hour news cycle has made him older in our minds...As I see, he has every bit of physical ability he's always, and he's smarter.

UT - I like the way they play...but I also like french wine, cheese, and edith piaf..

Missile Defense - Yeah, it kind of messed me up because I turned on the news one night and some military guy is explaining the complexity in shooting down this sattelite...and then turned on the news two days later and it's wreckage was careening through space...You know eastern europe has to be loving us right now.

Diane Lane - On sheer beauty, I'd have her before most of the young women in hollywood these days, but ever since she did I watched that movie where she's married to Richard Gere and has an affair witht he greazy european guy, my stomach turns everytime I see her.

Obama - Yeah, you "like" Obama, but you'll be cursing him while he's pledging to "protect and defend... the consitution of the United States" as your new president.

testudineous said...

Zeius, I really don't want to seem chronically contrary, so I will allow that perhaps your Top 3 comedic villains of all time be expanded to a Top 4, rather than insist that one be replaced.

I realize this comedic villain hasn't had quite as long to dance in our imaginations as those in your Top 3, but I must nevertheless recommend for our consideration...Team America's King Jong Il.

testudineous said...

Just gotta add...I would never have thought of "Big Ern." Great choice! I don't know if it's the way his combover becomes progressively more un-, uh...combover-able? or the way he gropes widowed mothers of "Little Brothers" in TV spots...but that Mr. McCracken is the most lovable sleazebowler this side of J├ęsus Quintana. (BTW, does the latter count as a "villain?")

Anonymous said...

T - thanks for "allowing" that my top three list be expanded...I don't know that I would have otherwise attained the wherewithal to do so myself.

Also, to me, Kim Jong Il is so funny in TAWP because he is a spoof of an acutal dictator who's well known to be completely insane...For that reason I wouldn't list him among purely fictional characters...but as I sarcasticly pointed out above, "best of" lists are at least 80% subjective, so I'll allow him to be on your list.

Third, Big Ern's "Little Brothers" spot is one of my favorite moments in any movie ever...it would at least be in my top 10, you know, if you'd be so gracious as to allow me 10 spots.