Tuesday, February 19, 2008

The resurgence of alacrity.

These last few months have been somewhat tumultuous for me personally...moving, beginning a new career, having to expend energy to learn for that new career, making new friends, becoming reacquainted with old friends...etc. As a consequence, my ability, or even willingness...or even still, desire....to use this space for thought and conjecture had waned. In fact, I've been rather lazy in my personal time. For some reason, though...actually, I can think of a few reasons...I've become more introspective of late...and subsequently...cognizant of the need to shake off this opaque lethargy. So, my first order of business is to begin writing again. This task is marked here. In addition, my mind needs food. Now, I read consistently...but am I reading the things that would 'stretch my tent', as Faulkner might say. To make certain...I am going to revisit the endeavor that Testudineous and I began right at a year ago...before all of these life-changes...and start work on the authors found to the left.

With this in mind, I am going to re-post the conversation he and I had regarding Kierkegaard. Anyone is welcome to join this journey....but I have to say....this is something I need....to be better....wiser...more fruitful.

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